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My Story

Photography has always been a part of my life. I can't remember life before it. It was like learning how to ride a bike. Growing up that was a real connection my father and I had always shared. If you were a part of my childhood, chances are I did head shots of you.

Now, years later I'm still doing what I know best. I still share that passion with my father and yes, if you are a part of my adulthood, chances are I've done head shots of you.

My main focus is on children and families. Though my career has taken me in many different directions, this is what I love best. Maybe because I have four children of my own and family is everything to me. I truly love the pure beauty and innocence that a child projects and the importance of a family portrait will have in years to come.

Most of my work is shot on location, like the beaches, parks or even in your own backyard. The casual atmosphere of my sessions puts everyone at ease, bringing out the most natural expressions. I truly believe there is no better atmosphere to capture those expressions than in a warm, welcoming environment.

I pride myself in offering a very personal and customized service to each of you with the end result being a top-notch professional product.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than working with my customers and families, who by the end of a session are more like a friend.

 When I press the shutter release, I hope to make a personal connection and provide you and your family with precious memories that will last you a lifetime.